About Us

CraiLin Studios neighbors the historic district of Naperville, IL, just a few blocks north of downtown. We offer both in-studio and on-location portrait photography of newborn babies, children, families, friends, executives, pets and anybody/anything else we can get in front of the lens.

Craig Vander Kolk has accumulated more than 15 years of photography experience. He has worked with and studied under some of the top photographers in the country. With skills in a variety of types of photography, his work has been published in magazines, brochures, on displays, and more.

“I love the image of Caleb and his Grandpa shown on this page! I believe there’s no better art to display in your home than images of your own family, from portraits to life events captured “in the moment”. They generate smiles, stimulate conversation and create “warm fuzzies” in your heart for years to come. Whether a growing child, a family milestone, or a loving relationship, I have a passion not only for capturing these precious moments, but also for helping you choose the best way to display them in your home and share them with family and friends. Years pass. Quality photography endures.”

Linda Vander Kolk is an artist and writer. Her work and that of emerging artists can be seen during one of our upcoming Open Studio events. Linda also enjoys set decoration and assisting with photo shoots.

Studio and location portrait session fees are $250 by appointment only and include a client consultation to ensure an enjoyable and productive session experience.